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“One Part in a Trillion” (1964) — Science Reporter TV Series

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In this 1964 "Science Reporter" program we take a tour of the nuclear reactor at the U.S. Army Materials Research Agency in Watertown, MA, and learn how it is being used as a scientific research tool to detect and fin...

“Underwater Photography” (1964) — Science Reporter TV Series

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This black and white film features Harold "Doc" Edgerton interviewed by John Fitch about the technology and scientific applications of underwater photography for the "MIT Science Reporter" (National Education Televisi...

“EDM A Magic Slate” (1962) — Science Reporter TV Series

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Norman Taylor of ITEK Corp. (previously with MIT's Lincoln Lab) demonstrates an innovative electronic drafting machine (EDM) that allows engineers to produce computer-based graphic images using a "light pen". He is in...

“Sailing by Computer” (1966) – Science Reporter TV Series

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Novel approaches to ship design using state-of-the-art computers are presented in a 1966 interview of Halsey Herreshoff, instructor at the MIT Department of Naval Architecture in charge of research in ship model testi...

“A Solution to Computer Bottlenecks” (1963) – Science Reporter TV Series

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Fernando J. Corbató, Associate Director of the MIT Computation Center, discusses the challenges of resolving computer bottlenecks that were becoming an increasingly significant issue around high-speed computers, and t...

“Looking Back on The Bomb” (1963) – Science Reporter TV Series

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Vannevar Bush looks back over the years to share his views on some of the great events of his time. He touches on such topics as the role of a science advisor to the nation, the future of the computer, the gap between...

“Automatically Programmed Tools” (1959) — Science Reporter TV Series

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In this 1959 MIT Science Reporter television program, researchers John Francis Reintjes and Douglas Taylor Ross present the APT project, a novel system for the computerization of numerical control being developed at t...

“Big Magnets” (1961) — Science Reporter TV Series

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Dr. Benjamin Lax discusses the future of the nascent National Magnetic Laboratory at MIT (of which he is the director) in fields such as biomagnetics, along with MIT professor Francis Bitter, research biologist Dr. H....

“Reading by Ear” (1966) — Science Reporter TV Series

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In this 1966 "Science Reporter" television program, MIT Electrical Engineering Professor Samuel Mason discusses cutting-edge technology being used to focus on the challenges of providing education to visually impaired...

“Food For Space Travelers” (1966) — Science Reporter TV Series

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This 1966 "Science Reporter" television program showcases the challenges of ensuring proper nutrition for astronauts on prolonged journeys. The film covers metabolic and caloric consumption in particular conditions of...

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