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President Charles M. Vest: Innovation Summit Briefing

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Recorded February 12, 1998.

Charles M. Vest Presidential Press Conference

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Press conference on behalf of the MIT Corporation, announcing the Presidency of Charles M. Vest. Recorded June 18, 1990.

Charles M. Vest: Diversity Interview

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An interview with the 15th President of MIT, Charles M. Vest, on Diversity. Recorded October 14, 1993.

1995 Freshman Convocation: President Charles M. Vest

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President Charles M. Vest addressing the M.I.T. freshman class of 1995. Recorded August 28,1995.

Reel World MIT

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Join Larry Gallagher and the MIT Academic Video Productions team with special guest, the original MIT Science Reporter, John Fitch, for a night "behind the screens" at the MIT Museum. See historic and entertaining fil...

The Disappearing Neutrino?, Dr. Joshua Spitz

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The 11th Annual Pappalardo Fellowships in Physics Symposium: May 18, 2012 More than 80 years after its proposed existence, the neutrino remains mysterious and enigmatic. We don't know the mass of the neutrino, how...

Testing Galaxy Formation Models at the Small Scales, Dr. Simona Vegetti

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The 11th Annual Pappalardo Fellowships in Physics Symposium: May 18, 2012 The distribution of masses of dwarf satellite galaxies that are observed around Local Group galaxies differs substantially from simulations...

Surprises When You Look Up at the Sky with Gamma-ray Goggles, Meng Su

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The 12th Annual Pappalardo Fellowships in Physics Symposium: May 10, 2013 Dr. Meng Su, 2012--15 Pappalardo Fellow (Theoretical Astrophysics)

Spreading Itself Thin: The Physics of Cell-Cell Junctions in Immune Synapses

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Pappalardo Fellowships in Physics 10th Anniversary Celebration: October 8, 2010 Dr. Arpita Upadhyaya 2002-2005 Pappalardo Fellow

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